Year 2013

Charitable donation of LOBS.LED Germany GmbH to home for animals

Amtsblatt Haßloch (588.8 KB)


LED-Light source of the future
Since 2001, the Speyer company LOBS.LED scores with the development ...

IHK Wirtschaftsmagazin Pfalz Oktober 2013_1.pdf (34.2 MB)


LED-Light for railway station roofs, Germany – wide pilot project of the Germany Railway
... about 7.000 13 Watt LED-tubes of  LOBS.LED replace the former T8 tubes ...

LICHT 6_2013.pdf (1.1 MB)


More Light
... LOBS.LED‘s greatest advantage is it´s Know-how:  Already since 12 years LOBS.LED is focused on LED technology ...

Die-Rheinpfalz-101.pdf (343.9 KB)


Only living in the dark is cheaper
... According to the estimates of the Bundesnetzagentur in Germany the energy market will explode with significant cost increases for the electricity supply companies and ultimately to increased electricity prices; 54 % industrial electricity and 8 % otherwise. Energy efficiency will be the topic concern in future.

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Year 2012

German Railway – LED Tubes (Project of the month)
The German Railway has decided to replace a series of station roofs with LOBS.LED energy saving und environmental friendly tubes. About 7000 LOBS.LED–tubes illuminate stations from Kaiserslautern to Hamburg ...


LED Tubes reduce energy costs with stations
… 13 Watt LED-Tubes LOBS.LED  …

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Bright and cost saving : Dorint hotels save 340.000 € with LOBS.LED lighting per year

AHGZ-Dorint-LED_4.pdf (195.4 KB)


LED – Light of the future (Example Cargo LOBS.LED Frankfurter Airport)

Genograph-Schwerpunkt-Technik-4.12.pdf (1.1 MB)

Year 2011

Showcase of energy efficiency, ecology and sustainability  (CCS Frankfurter Airport)
… One of the first efficient buildings with complete LED lighting from LOBS.LED …


Sustainable Logistics

LOBS.LED CCS, Highlight 5_6 2011.pdf (1.2 MB)


Logisticcenter reduces CO2 Emission with LED-Light

VDI-Nachrichten-Frankfurt-4.3.2011.pdf (216.6 KB)


Tenant – friendly showpiece at Frankfurter Cargo Location 


LED delights warehouse workers, office manager and pen pushers

Immobilienzeitung-Facility-Management_1.pdf (395.7 KB)


LED-specific lightdesign for METRO market in Vienna


New Lighting with only with LED

LOBS.LED Metro Wien Stores+Shops 04 2011.PDF (328.3 KB)


Environmental protection and increase in value

Nachhaltiges Centermanagement-Nr.74.pdf (168.5 KB)


Attractive sales environment and less wattage

LOBSLED Metro LZ 18 03 2011 gesamt.pdf (372.7 KB)


Animal market Hamm – partnership counts (project of the month)


Animal market : Only LED-Lighting

LOBS.LED TG Hamm, stores+shops 04 2011_1.PDF (453.2 KB)

präsentation tiergarten hamm.pdf (264.0 KB)


No risk, but with side effects

objektbericht mauritius apotheke m. fotos.pdf (419.0 KB)


Dorint Hotel Wiesbaden, retrofitting of conventional lamp technology to LED technology


No more retrofitting

LiCHT Mai 2011_Dorint_Hotel.pdf (522.9 KB)


LOBS.LED Tube: 3. Price competition in category facility management, „50 Years DETAIL“


LOBS.LED first time on EUROSHOP.

Year 2010

Successful trade fair on Light & Building / Frankfurt


Energy-Saving LED Lighting

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Year 2009

LOBS.LED Halogen-Retrofit: 1. price Environmental

1.Platz Umwelt-homesolute.pdf (44.8 KB)