The temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin. A color temperature of 3000 ° K is a warm reddish light color, whereas 6000 ° K describes a cold, daylight-like color.



The luminous flux is the V (λ) curve (spectral light sensitivity of the human eye) evaluated electromagnetic radiation flux and represents the light emitted by a light source power. The lamp lumen is the total light emitted by a lamp independently of the emission.



Measure of the luminous flux incident on a surface. If a luminous flux of 1 lm meets evenly over an area of ​​1 the illumination is 1 lux.


Relationship between color stimulus and color perception, i.e. the reproduction of the colors of objects under illumination. Lamps are divided into different stages, which are characterized by the general color rendering index Ra.

The IP protection (International Protection) indicate the protection against certain environmental influences. The first digit indicates the protection against foreign material. The second digit indicates the protection against water.