Since 2001, we have invested all our entrepreneurial energies into the subject of LED lighting technology. Today we are able to draw on this rich experience and knowledge base which ensures individual solutions for our customers; always with a focus on efficiency, transparency, sustainability and energy savings.

LOBS.LED Germany GmbH sees itself as a competent and international provider of lighting concepts with innovative and energy-saving LED technology. Our services range includes planning and consulting, manufacturing own products or developing products on behalf of our customers. Due to the global outsourced production, we always have access to the best manufacturers. This creates flexibility and a projection through fastest market presence. The development department provides the necessary innovation and quality management.

In addition to the physical products LOBS.LED Germany GmbH offers professional consulting services and development of comprehensive lighting concepts for their key industrial and commercial customers. Thereby we mainly focus on offices, warehouses and logistics, production facilities, parking management, and public buildings.

The product portfolio includes thereon a clearly defined range of LED products, which is developed for industrial and commercial applications. Light measurements and light planning, feasibility studies and financing concepts such as intelligent leasing or contracting complete our range of services.

Well-known reference customers such as Cargo Center at Frankfurt Airport South, Dorint Hotel Group, Metro Group or the German Railway, trust the reliability of our products and services.



For our customers, our employees and our business partners, we create values ​​for a sustainable profitable performance. Our claim is the continuous improvement of our services and products. The staff of LOBS.LED Germany is committed to these values.


Long-term success is only guaranteed if we strengthen existing customer and develop new client relationships. To create long term sustainable added value combined with our expertise means commitment and incentive at one time. The motivation of all LOBS.LED employees is our commitment to our customers' success.


Innovations that are equally important to our customers and our company, are guarantors of our business success. Finding new approaches, identifying more opportunities, an enormous potential of imagination and discipline are the fuel for our innovation engine.



Having the right people in the company is a valuable asset. We trust our employees and create a high level of personal responsibility. The actions of our employees in relation to our customers and business partners, as well as with each other are determined by professionalism, loyalty, honesty and reliability. We encourage creativity, spirit and entrepreneurial thinking.